When Customers Just Want To Be Angry

Sometimes people just need to vent because they’ve “been dealing with this problem forever”, however long that may be, and need to blow off a little steam. These are not the people I’m talking about today, the ones I’m going to talk about today are the ones that have to be right even if it […]

When In Doubt… Blame It On Neutrinos

This weeks blog post comes from years of dealing with that inevitable “why” question that just can’t be answered. For example, why did my data get corrupt, why didn’t I get that email, why do I get a flicker and (insert random interval here). Most of the time these are a combination of factors like […]

Side Projects…

As I sit here this morning drinking coffee and playing with ideas for what to do with the Littlebits sitting on my desk it got me thinking back to all the side projects I’ve taken up over the years at various jobs, some for fun or learning and some for problem solving. Months after starting […]