So Now You’re Working From Home…

Most of you are probably working from home by now(for those who aren’t I’d just like to say Thank You, you are appreciated). For those working from home, and especially supporting those working from home, this post is for you. This is less of an instructional or guidance post and more insight into what I’m […]

Issues In Design And Quality

First I’d like to apologize that it’s been so long since the last post, until recently we’ve been short handed at my day job and are now finally caught up. Part of that backlog is what I’d like to talk about in this post, it’s a story of investigation and differentiating between manufacturer issues and […]

Change And Users

Asking users to change is often like dropping magnesium in water, drop and run! Why is it so hard to implement change, and can or should we do anything. Why do we change? Working in IT change is painful, not just for the end users. The bigger or more drastic the change the more time […]

Navigating The Irrational…

What exactly is “doesn’t work”?? This post is about learning to communicate with someone and find out what it is that doesn’t work, and in the process deflating the frustration and anxiety many of those people have. These are the folks that you’ll encounter time and again and will, over time, learn to turn around […]

When Customers Just Want To Be Angry

Sometimes people just need to vent because they’ve “been dealing with this problem forever”, however long that may be, and need to blow off a little steam. These are not the people I’m talking about today, the ones I’m going to talk about today are the ones that have to be right even if it […]

When In Doubt… Blame It On Neutrinos

This weeks blog post comes from years of dealing with that inevitable “why” question that just can’t be answered. For example, why did my data get corrupt, why didn’t I get that email, why do I get a flicker and (insert random interval here). Most of the time these are a combination of factors like […]

Side Projects…

As I sit here this morning drinking coffee and playing with ideas for what to do with the Littlebits sitting on my desk it got me thinking back to all the side projects I’ve taken up over the years at various jobs, some for fun or learning and some for problem solving. Months after starting […]

Set It And Forget It, What Could Go Wrong?

Sifting through the tickets over my morning cup of coffee I spot one reading “Computer beeps and won’t turn on”, commence eye rolling. Finishing my coffee I decide to swing by that building first and take a peek at what could be wrong. Twenty minutes later I walk in and sure enough after hitting the […]

Winding Up the Drives

The drives are getting spun up and the the the first post is in the works and should be out this weekend. This blog is to write stories and lessons learned(and maybe the occasional rant) from working for years in support, system admin, and electronics do it all guy. This weeks coming article is going […]